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1st Hike - Monteverde Extreme

1st Hike – Monteverde Extreme

The Secrets of Monteverde…Like never seen before!

December 20, 21, 22 y 23, 2012.

Long hike,28 km-17.5 miles (14km-8.75 miles each way,) inside
 Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve

Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve and the Scientific Tropical Center, opens the opportunity to explore the heart and the secrets of the most famous cloud forest of the world. During 4 days you can enjoy of the wild life in this lush protected forest, where more than 500 species of birds live, 130 mammals, 120 species of amphibians an reptiles, whilst more than 3000 species of flora, thousands of species of insects, crystalline rivers and magic scenarios.

Experiencing the cloud forest at day and at night is a unique experience. A forest opens the doors to be discovered by students, nature loving tourists, explorers, researchers.
Day # 1
- Check in at “La Casona” 1 night lodging (2:00 p.m)
- Briefing for the logistics of the adventure
- Dinner at Tramonti
Day # 2
- Breakfast at La Foresta
- Begin of the Hike towards Eladio´s shelter 14 km (8.75 miles)
- Lunch (box lunch) at Alemán shelter at the banks of River Peñas Blancas.
- Arrival to Eladios shelter
- Dinner
- Lodging at Eladios shelter

Day # 3
- Breakfast
- Explore the surroundings of the shelter with a visit to Peñas Blancas River.
- Lunch
- Nighg walk
- Dinner
- Lodging at Eladios shelter
Day # 4
- Breakfast
- Departure from Eladios toward La Casona
- Lunch
- Arrival at La Casona
- Use of changing rooms and showers
- Departure


$299 per person. Limit space.

Included Services:

- Bilingual Guide
- 2 staff members of the reserve as support with radio communication and first aid kit.
- 1 staff member in charged of the supplies who will be waiting at the shelter with lunches and dinners ready.
- 2 horses in case of an emergency
- 1 night lodging at la Casona
- 2 nights lodging at Eladio´s Shelter, beds, towels, sheets and blanket.
- 3 breakfasts
- 3 dinners
- 3 lunches
- Entrance fee to the reserve
- Guided night walk
- Taxes
- The use of changing romos and towels at the end of the hike the day of departure.

 What to bring:

- Light clothes of easy dry
- Long pants
- Water proof jacket
- Coat
- Shoes comfortable for walking, hiking shoes or tennis shoes.
- Sandals
- Toiletries
- Poncho
- Swimm suite
- Light
- Binoculars
- Hat or cap
- Bottle of water
- Insect repellent
- First aid medicines
- Camara
- Energy snaks like power bars, fruits , nuts, etc
- Sunscreen

Can my kid do it?

It is recommended for kids 13 years old and up, with good conditions for a long hike. Nor recommended for kids younger than 13 yrs old

Who can´t do the hike?
It is not recommended for people with heart disease, bone disease, high blood preasure, people with fobia to animals (bats, snakes, frogs, toads, insects, spiders).

When is the best time to do this hike?
This hike can be done year round, however it is recommended to program ir during the months of February to July, when the weather conditions are good, nice temperature and less probabilities of rain. However it can be programmed at any time of the year.


The journey 28 km ( 17.5 miles)

The hike begins at the main entrance of Monteverde Reserve, it goes for 14 km – 8-75 miles inside the rainforest, the trail has been used during a long time by researchers and staff of the conservation area. The journey or trip at a moderate pace might last 6.5 hours, on an irregular topography, however this could vary depending of the interests of the group, weather conditions and rhythm of the pace.
At about 7 km of hiking, the group will stop at Aleman shelter at the banks of the Peñas Blancas river for a rest, use of bathrooms, lunch (box lunch). This shelter is located at the middle of the hike and weather permitting you can refresh yourselves in the river. Afterwards we continue the hike towards Eladios Shelter, 7km more, here you will stay 2 nights. The journey will take 6.5 hours.

Night Walk

At dawn, a new world awaits at the cloud forest. Great amount of species are more active during night time, showing us a different world, from nocturnal frogs, to the most mysterious bats are part of the night time scenery of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve. On the surroundings of Eladio´s Shelter we do a 2 hour guided walk aprox. It is necessary to wear long pants, closed shoes and flash light.

La Casona

This is a lodge with a rustic personality in harmony with nature, its operation has been designed to minimize the impact with the environment using sustainable measures being backed up by the Certificate on Sustainable Tourism that counts with 3 leaves.

6 rooms with private bathroom:
 1 room 2 single beds
 2 rooms with 1 double bed + 1 single bed
 3 rooms with 3 bunkbeds. Capacity 6 pax each

4 Rooms with shared bathroom:*
1 room with one bunkbed + 1 single bed. Capacity 3 pax
1 room with 2 bunk beds. Capacity 4 pax
2 rooms with 3 bunk beds.Capacity 6 pax each.
* are 3 bathrooms for men and 3 bathrooms for women.

Alemán Shelter

This shelter has an open area to rest, kitchen for the preparation of light food ,coffee, table, water, drinkable water, bathrooms.It is used only for resting and lunch.

Eladios Shelter

This shelter contains 24 spaces for lodging, at the shelter you will find rustic bunkbeds, sheets, blankets, the food is prepared here by specialized staff with previous reservation.

The Food

The first night´s dinner will take place at the Italian Restaurant Tramonti, a restaurant located 3 km away from the Reserve, cozy with a menu of delicious pizzas, salads, pastas among other dishes.
Breakfast of the first day will take place at Foresta Restaurant, located at the Reserve, along with the 1st floor of La Casona Lodge. The service is buffett style, consisting on costarrican varied food.
Lunch for the first day will consist on a box lunch provided by Foresta and wiil include a sandwich, fruit, cookie and juice.At Eladios, food courses will include food like:

1. Eggs, gallo pinto (typical dish consisting on rice and beans mixed) bread, juice and coffee
2. Eggs, panckakes, gallo pinto (typical dish consisting on rice and beans mixed) bread, juice and coffee
Lunches and dinners :
Rice, beans, salad, protein (some kind of meat) and refreshment.
Besides, all day there will be served coffee, tea and cookies. If there is a special food requirement, it must be notified in advance.

Paula Bello
Tel/Fax (506) 26 45 51 12
Teléfono (506) 26 45 51 22
Fax (506) 26 45 50 34
E-mail: reservaciones2@cct.or.cr

A 50% of deposit must be pay at the moment of your reservation. The other 50% must be pay before December 10th, 2012.

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